Infants for first few months nourished only with breast milk or formula milk. They have an only tiny tummy and it is fulfilled with a few ounces of liquid. Many new parents are really wondered and confused with introducing the solid foods to 6 months babies. In this piece of article, we delivered the detailed information with regards to 6-month feeding schedule with safe solids. Starting the right solid foods for 4 to 6 months babies and it is good to start after Which is the right time to start solid foodsgetting the best advice from experts, and guidelines from the family pediatrician.

Which is the right time to start solid foods?

An in-depth research of pediatric academy says that the right time to start the solids for a child from the age of 4 to 6 month. At this stage, babies used to sit straightly and very curious to eat a variety of foods. Ensure the solid foods with the combination of breastfeeding. While the baby sampling the solid foods they slept for the whole night and only 2 to 3 nap used per day. The breast milk is going up to 32 ounces, as they still get appropriate nutrition from the breast milk.

3 to 6 months of baby feeding schedule:

Feeding a baby at their 6 months is quite more challenging, as they start move around and getting ready for some varieties of solid foods. Even though thus is the right time to start solid foods, you are not allowed to feed up the whole day with solid foods. Babies are still eating the breast milk for every 3 to 4 hours.

Solids replaced the breast milk:

Solids replaced the breast milkBabies are always allowed to nurse on demand and breast milk is the primary source of nutrition. The breast milk has the 100 of substances, till now it can’t identify to create. So even though you start the solids go with breast milk until 18 months age of the baby, because that is filled with the proper nutrition that needed by the baby body. The breast milk is loaded with fabulous nutrition that helps baby body to protect against infections and diseases, along with it develop the strong immunity base.

Solid foods:

The solid food accords the additional boosts to the baby’s body in the form of active energy and healthy life. As soon as the teeth appear in baby’s mouth, they possibly ready for the solid foods. The first solid foods you need to choose is iron fortified cereal and some pureed fruits and vegetables. Then gradually decrease the milk feeding and make the cereal texture a little grainy. Whenever introducing the new solid food, you are in need to wait for some time for checking the baby developing any allergies or rashes for the particular foods.

Final words:

The breast feeding is quite good for the baby up to 2 years. But feeding the solid foods additionally adds energy to the body in dual bonding experiences. For solid foods pureed or strained fruits like banana, peaches and some pureed vegetables like carrot, potatoes, and squash.