All over the world 75 % of mothers are starting their breastfeeding. All mothers are aware of the health benefits of breastfeeding, that breastfeeding only has the long-term benefits for your baby. Doctors are strictly recommended the mothers to breastfeeding for the benefit of both mother and child; follow this for at least first 6 months of baby’s life. The breastfeeding a newborn adapts the baby to grow and develop healthily. It has the tendency to meet the babies changing needs. How longer the breastfeeding goes to baby it gives the lasting benefit to them.

Reasons for breastfeedingReasons for breastfeeding:

  • All Mothers’ breast is perfectly designed for your baby feeding
  • Only the breast milk has the ability to protect the baby from infections and diseases
  • The breast milk provides the health benefits for both mother and baby
  • The breast milk is available for your baby whenever it needs
  • Obviously, it builds an emotional bond between the mother and baby

Thought the amount of breast milk is limited, it reveals only the positive effect to the body. All the health benefits provided by the breast milk are not loaded in formula milk.

The best breastfeeding diet for healthy mother:

  • Colorful and variety of fruits and vegetables are included in the meal session in the fresh and frozen state. 150 ml of 100 % unsweetened juice is good for mother and baby.
  • The dairy products are allowed at this time. Some of them are milk, cheese, and yogurt. These are rich in calcium and a good source of protein. Semi-skinned milk is a good choice. Plenty of fluids are required to hydrate the body.
  • Fish is good for milk secretion, so at least 2 portions of fish are recommended. Along with meat, chicken, egg, nuts, seeds and soy foods and the variety of pulses, all are fully loaded with protein and protein is the building blocks of the body.
  • Starchy foods and fiber rich foods are really helping some of the women who are suffering from bowel and constipation. Whole meal bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes are helpful in the healthy breastfeeding.

The best breastfeeding diet for healthy motherSolution for leaking breast milk:

Sometimes for some women feel this unexpected leakage of milk from your nipple. Place your hand on the nipple and press it gently and firmly, as it helps very quickly in stoppage of leakage. An alternative option for it is wearing the breast pad.

Good latch:

A good latch creates a comfortable breastfeeding for both mother and baby. If the baby is not latched properly then it definitely hurts a lot. If the baby is latched in a proper way then he or she able to get the adequate colostrums from the mother’s breast.

Final words:

Constant sucking of the breast highly stimulates the mammary glands to produce more milk for the baby’s growing. From the breast milk passes the mothers immunities and provides the quality nutrition for a healthy baby. Know that every newborn baby breastfeeding relationship comes with a great challenge.