A baby feeding schedule is quite essential for the new mom. If parents employ the proper baby schedule about the baby feeding and sleeping then it is quite useful for the baby sleep through the whole night. The baby eating and nappy habit will greatly affect the sleeping’s at night. In this piece of article, we are going to discuss feeding schedule for 8 months baby. Create a proper schedule and use it as guideline and babies cues to meet his needs while on track. During this age, you get started with a new variety of foods with the combination of breast milk.

Feeding schedule for 8-month baby:

The 8-month babies are ready to handle the iron-fortified infant cereals and some pureed foods along with breast Feeding schedule for 8-month babymilk. The baby’s eating habit is entirely changed; parents are in need to buy a baby food with fine taste and textures. Whenever you started the new foods make a trial run for 2 to 4 days to look for allergic reactions. Any allergic reflected then eliminate the food from the diet. Precautionary things are good in the baby care.

8th-month baby changes:

At the 8th-month-old baby used to crawl and try something new, so they may not have too much interest in eating. So just try the variety of foods and create an interest by introducing finger foods. They also start increasing the food intake, so feeding schedule greatly helps them. The purpose of feeding schedule is to ensure the baby to enough intake and adequate sleep at night. The schedule should be flexible and good to go reliable.

8 months feedings:

Baby is continuing in growth, starting a variety of food. Have a pureed fruits like banana, peaches, and pureed vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and squash. During this stage, the baby is ready to eat in their own plate and surely not give any hard foods, as it seems hard to chew and give some easily digestible foods. A small bite sized biscuits, cheese, egg, strained meats, ripe fruits with small pieces, cooked vegetables and non-citrus fruit juices.

Food chart for 8-month baby:

Introduce 3 basic solid meal foods and that should go with baby’s cues and comforts. Go with the smooth purees and lightly mashed, but it should be well cooked and soft to chew. With the right combination of breast milk and formula Food chart for 8-month babymilk replace the solid foods with the fine. Join your baby with rest of the family at the meal time; it helps the child to follow the discipline.

Routine feeding for 8-month baby:

Morning 7 A.M: 7 ounces of milk

8.30 A.M: weet bix with3ounces of milk

10.30 A.M: thin slices of toasts

12.30 P.M: pureed veggies

3.00 P.M: 6 ounces of milk

5.30 P.M: rice, veggies, chicken and more

7.00 P.M: 3 ounces of milk

The tips and guidelines for starting the solid food to 8-month-old babies are clearly defined. Keep all these in mind while starting the solid foods to babies.