Preparing for camping? Then the lightweight sleeping bag is essentially needed for you when scarifying the comfort for weight is a good idea. In decades, the sleeping bags are heavy and bulky, but in the recent modern world, it is modified to the lightweight sleeping bags. The sleeping bag is one of the important pieces of gear in your backpack at the time of camping. A lightweight sleeping bag keeps your body warmth, safety, comfort and helping the body at rest of needs. It saves a lot of weight and make hiking more comfortable.

Varieties of camping lightweight sleeping bags:

The peoples are really wondering about the benefits of lightweight sleeping bags. The lightweight bags are available in two various types.

  • Synthetic
  • Goose down

The goose bags are small in size and keep your body with warmth, so it is great for dry wet climatic conditions. Often visiting the rainy area then it is better to go with synthetic one. The lightweight sleeping bags are designed for all climatic conditions, so the model of one bag to another greatly varies. It also designed for the extreme freezing conditions. So make sure to prepare for the correct climatic conditions.

The sleeping pad is another important item for the camping and without sleeping pad you are not able to use the sleeping bag.

Shapes and sizes of lightweight sleeping bags and their usage:

There are the lot and lots of varieties of sleeping bags available in the market; they are compact, backpacking and so on. The shapes of sleeping bags are rectangular and mummy shapes, there are plenty of shapes available. The shapes, models, designs are selected on a basis of the people’s desires and needs. The synthetic sleeping bags are popularly used by camping peoples.

Rectangular shape:

Rectangular shapeThis rectangular shape sleeping bag is heavier and bulkier, so it is mostly preferred by the car campers. But it affords the better flexibility and more convenient.

Mummy bags:

These are lightweight and compressible bags and best suited for going backpacking. It looks wide at the top shoulder and tapered down the waist. This mummy shaped bags it retains the body heat, so good for cold climatic conditions. For the long period of adventurous people, this mummy bags are best suited and it is less compact.


Bags are made long for the tall people that will greatly fit for 6 feet to 6 inches and marked as long one. According to the height and weight of the people the bags are manufactured, so examine the different models available in the market and choose the best lightweight bags out of all.

Final words:

Before selecting the lightweight sleeping bags, clearly consider the weather condition of the location, as the manufacturer listed the range of temperature, for more additional warm go with the bag liner. The lightweight sleeping bags are specially designed for the women’s as they have wider hip and the long bag is the good choice for them. Keep all the appended points in mind as it is good to invest your hard earned money in right choice.