Feeding a newborn baby is  a commitment , so you need to frame a newborn feeding chart, so it act as the useful tool for you to go with the schedule. It is a big responsibility of the new parent to nourishing, nursing and feeding the infant with the meaningful scheduled task of the mother. So this newborn feeding chart is really helpful in feeding them, not only for feeding it also gives the entire child caring details and tips. In this piece of article, we delivered the detailed discussions of breastfeeding, bottling feeding and all relevant information’s regarding the newborn baby.

How to feed your infant?

There are several questions are raised regarding the baby feeding. Some parents are solely gone with the breastfeeding and some choose to bottle feeding. The breastfeeding is quite good for mother and highly nutritious for Childs growth. If the mother is not working outside then the breastfeeding is the good and best possible option for her better health.

The feeding mothers simply use the breast pump and feed their baby whenever they stay away from them. The mothers who switch over to some other bottle feeding formula, there are plenty of choices available in the market. Newborn feeding chartThe different brands of formulas are found in the market, you are advised to go under the best pediatrician prescription.

Newborn feeding chart:

The tummy of the newborn baby is small, so it often gets hungry. The mother needs to feed them frequently. A chart for a one-day feeding schedule is clearly explained below for the mothers convenient,

Morning 9A.M: wake and feed

10:00 A.M: nappy time

After finishing the nappy the baby used to sleep.

11:00 A.M: wake and feed

12:30 P.M:  nappy time for up to 60 minutes

Then again the sleeping time

1:30 A.M: wake and feed

3:30 P.M: nap for 30 to 60 minutes

Likewise every 1 to 1 ½ hours, the infant consume milk and sleep after the nap.

The newborn babies have a healthy sleeping habit right from the birth. The baby needs 2 to 3 ounces of newborn formula for every 3 hours, so baby fed about 8 to 12 times a day. The baby gets the adequate needs and reflects in their length and weight progress.

The breastmilk is easy to digest and eat more often for every 2 to 3 hours.

Feeding tips for new parentsFeeding tips for new parents:

  • Stick with the breast milk, it is incredibly nutritious than any
  • The newborns need 12 feeding per day, the sings of hunger is stirring and stretching
  • The breast milk does not provide the enough vitamin D, so switch over to supplements
  • The eating patterns are varied and changes in signs of hunger
  • Steady weight gain is seen

Actually, the feeding is a great opportunity for the parents to build a sense of security, trust and comfort to the newborn babies.

From the appended information’s, we provide the appropriate needed things for the new parent.