For new parents, some guidelines are necessary, as they wondered to handling infants. Bring the new little one to the home is exciting and interesting. The new parents are surprised to learn about the new baby and new life. The primary essential thing they are in need to learn about the newborn feeding amount. Bonding the child brings a great joy to parenthoods. The new parents have lots and lots of questions and concerns about the newborn.

Feeding the right amount to the newborn baby is quite a hard task to all parents if they had no experience.

Feeding infant:

With respect to infant feeding you had dual option they are,

  • Bottle feed formula milk
  • Breastfeed milk

Most of the parents go solely on breastfeeding, as it is highly nutritious. Some may switch over to bottle feed due to some medical issues and some do follow the both styles.


Breastfeeding the infant is loaded with plenty of benefits. Breast milk is the perfect food for the human digestive system. This milk had all the nutrients and needed components that a newborn needs. The components are,

  • Lactose
  • Protein
  • Fat

These three combinations help the baby in easy digestion. The breast milk with antibodies helps the babies in fighting against illness and infections. The breastfeeding is also good for the mother in burning calories and helps in losing excessive pounds added during the time of pregnancy. Only this type of feeding is easy and no cost. Also, it meets the variety of emotional needs from both mother and babies.

The right way of breastfeedingThe right way of breastfeeding:

The primary factor that needs in breastfeeding is comfortable and relaxation. Baby latched on the mother’s lap successfully and nurses the child with convenient position, finally go with the right position which is convenient for you. The key to successful breastfeeding is latching, the baby’s mouth to be positioned over the nipple. While feeding mother should place in a comfortable and secure chair to have a successful breastfeeding.

Bottle feed to infant:

The breastfeeding is with certain difficulties and impossible to feed your baby, then it is good to go with exclusive expressing. Reasons for getting exclusive expressing,

  • Mother and baby are separated
  • Babily is unable to feed well at breast
  • Thinking it is easier

Bottle feed to infantIn some cases, the mother is in need to go back to her full-time work, at that time expressing and providing the breast milk to the baby is good. While using this expressing pump for new born babies the newborn feeding amount is judged and according to the baby’s hungry, the mother expressing the milk with the qualitative double electric pump for long term use. This exclusive expressing and bottle feeding is possibly accorded to the child only when they are on demand.

Final words:

Using the exclusive expressing the breast milk, you may find the exact amount of newborn feeding. This may highly useful for working mothers. The mothers exclusively express the milk with approximate amount to offer the baby.