Every baby is different from one another, so no one can exactly say how much milk does the baby needs for first few days. But the newborn feeding amount is going on increasing as the days go by. Most of the medical experts say that breastfeeding is best for newborns. Exclusive breast milk for first 6 months is good. The breastfeed is a natural process, so it is quite easy to go with.

Baby used to feed much on the first dayIn this piece of article, we put forth the details of breast milk for newborn and their feeding amount on first few weeks.

Baby used to feed much on the first day:

The newborn baby tummy is quite small so they frequently get hungry; probably baby wants 8 to 15 feeds for first 2 days. Latching your baby on to the breast and feeding them until they feel comfortable. Naturally the newborn babies no need of a large amount of milk at their each feed. The formula feed babies can’t control their milk intake, but the breastfeed babies can. The formula feed babies sometimes get vomit, if the amount of milk exceeds.

Newborn feeding amount for the first week:

Day 1: 7 ml

Day 2: 14 ml

Day 3: 38 ml

Day 4: 58 ml

Day 7: 65 ml

The amount per single feed is appended above. Breastfeeding is enough to the babies, that noticed by some signs. They are,

  • The breast becomes soft during their feeds
  • Babies softly swallow the milk and mom may feel it & hear it
  • Baby comes to breast for feeding on his own
  • After their feeds, they feel comfortable
  • Baby wet his nappy only

The baby loses their water weight for first 2 to 3 days and they obviously start gaining weight after his 5 to 7 days later.

Ounces of breast milk or formula feed for newborn:

Ounces of breast milk or formula feed for newbornAs appended above the ounces of breast milk can’t be measured. Only the capacity of the milk gets raised from 1 ounce. From the day one 10 to 12 ounces daily and about 2 to 3 ounces increased by day to day. Finally, baby can ingest and digest up to 25 ounces of milk daily in their first month of age. These are relatively matched to formula feed. The breast milk feeding is frequent during the first week. They feed upon 8 to 12 times a day, when the baby grows the frequency of feeding reduced to 5 to 7 times a day. The frequent feeding is helpful in high stimulation of breast milk. Normally 2 to 3 hours interval is safe for all babies.

Final words:

The breastfeeding is good for new infants, as the breast milk provides the necessary nutrients to the baby. Some mother’s find it difficult or impossible to breastfeed at that time goes with exclusive express and feed the baby through the bottle. Whatever the reason may be, baby needs the breastfeeding for the first 6 months for developing the strong immunity level.