Decided to start solid foods for your baby? Whether your baby completes the 6 month age? Saying yes! Then it is the right time for your baby to enter into solid foods. After starting the solid foods regularly at the 6th month then baby are in need to fed breast milk only on demand. The baby also loves to move on to the next stage in their life by having solid foods of pureed fruits and vegetables. In this article, we described 6 month feeding schedule a clear sketch, about how to move solid foods every week with different varieties.

6-month solid food feeding schedule:

Week 1: single puree fruits or vegetable or baby rice

Week 2 and 3: puree vegetable or fruits

Week 4: puree vegetable or fruit or meat

Follow this solid food at the lunchtime and the rest of intervals are goes with breast milk and formula milk. After When the mothers move on to solid foodsfinishing all the above part, then additionally go with finger food such as soft fruits, bread, baby cereal, baby rice, bread and cheese, soft peeled cucumber batons, well-cooked pasta and finger vegetables. Then cooked vegetables, cooked chicken and potato fingers with a cup of water as their tea time meal plan. Avoid strawberries to the child as it creates an allergic reaction to the children’s, whose age is less than 12.

The signs of baby who ready for solid foods:

When a baby is consuming more than 6 ounces of milk in one sitting then the baby is in need some alternative solids sooner. Sure to take care of giving iron-fortified cereals and this is practiced to them in family mealtime. This creates interesting of eating food and helps them in establishing a good way of eating habit for the child.

Tips for starting solid foods:

  • Start solid foods sometime between 4 to 6 months
  • Select the best time to fed solid foods, instead of breast milk or formula milk
  • Check the allergic reaction of food by waiting 4 to 5 days of one type of food
  • Before starting the solid food, consult with your pediatrician
  • At the initial stage of solid food, feeding has a small spoon which comforts the baby
  • Keep the salt level at minimum
  • Do not go with too many sweetened foods

Baby loved solid foods areBaby loved solid foods are…

  • Iron fortified rice cereal
  • Pureed vegetables
  • juiced fruits
  • organically grown fruits and vegetables
  • applesauce

All these solid foods are really best supplements to breast milk.

When the mothers move on to solid foods?

  • Adequate iron is not found in breast milk, so start solid foods
  • Some parents were not feeding solid food even after the completion of babies 10th month

The child enough to know that they are ready for solid foods, so that the journey is quite easy for parents and shows some signs that they ready for solid foods.

  • Frequently sees the other people eating
  • Still seems hungry after feeding
  • Able to sit separately and hold their head without any support